Scaffold Board Grading

All our training and examinations are run on your site.  We are happy to work in any country.

Scaffold board visual strength grading workshops and examinations range from 2-4 days.  The exam is taken on the last day.

Our approach is highly practical. 

Our partner CATG Limited is approved by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service for the examination and certification for scaffold board grading schemes to BS 2482.

Once you become a qualified visual grader you will need to be assessed every 12 months. CATG will come to your site to complete this assessment.

To become a visual strength grader for please contact our office and we can arrange for you to become qualified.

CATG welcomes all delegates for examination. Ideally, delegates shall have undergone training or work experience where they have:


Visually strength graded timber

Identified timber defects and measured, judged and rated them

Taken moisture readings

Identified species and their origin from the rate of growth


Candidates for examinations will be from:


Training courses being run by training companies

Individuals seeking re-examination

Employees sent by companies seeking re-examination


The required competences for graders are:


Select timber

Identify the species

Take moisture readings

Determine knot sizes and/or types

Grade the timber successfully

Allocate a grade or fail the timber

The fitting of end bands

Store the timber safely without loss of quality

Record grading activities

Handle complaints



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