Application for Certification

Before applying for certification, please obtain a copy of the relevant certification standard in order to prepare your application to CATG.

To apply for certification, please complete our application form.

Our application form lists in detail what you are required to submit with your application in order for it to be processed without delay.

Upon receipt of your application form, our certification manager will allocate an auditor to your application.

Our certification manager or your auditor will contact you after studying the application form you have submitted and will send you an audit estimate and a contract to sign and return.

They will discuss with you the need for a pre-assessment visit and the composition of the proposed assessment team.

Pre-assessment visit

CATG normally recommends a pre-assessment, scoping or stage one visit.

This visit addresses the scope of certification you have requested and will normally last between 1 to 4 days depending on your organisation’s size and the complexity of your processes.

It is designed to confirm your organisation's readiness for full assessment.

You will receive a full report following this assessment.

Main assessment visit

This will be conducted by your auditor supported, as necessary, by technical assessors with the expertise to cover your scope of certification.

The length of the main assessment or stage two will depend upon the scope of certification requested. Again, the certification manager or your auditor will provide you with a quotation for the work involved. Prior to the visit, you will receive an audit plan, which provides a proposed timetable for the work to be assessed.

Again, you will receive a written report. Any improvement actions identified against certification requirements will be notified to you in writing during or immediately following the assessment visit.

You will then be asked to advise CATG on how you intend to address them. Once the improvement actions have been implemented to the satisfaction of CATG, you will be granted certification.

Maintenance of certification

Your certification will be confirmed on a six-monthly or an annual basis by surveillance visits, with a full re-assessment every three, four of five years depending on your certification scheme.

Extending your scope of certification

You may extend your scope of certification at any time, but costs can be minimised if
extensions are assessed as part of the on-going surveillance programme. You are advised to submit any application for extension to scope at least three months before your annual visit is due to ensure it can be included in the assessment (where on-site assessment is required).

An additional fee for an extension to scope will be charged where extra assessor or
administration time is involved.

To submit a request for an extension to scope please contact CATG.

What is the cost of certification?

Please contact CATG for our current fees. Along with details of the documents, standards and publications we offer.